Welcome to TiConnectors!

We are a small Northwest Montana manufacturer of high precision fully machined knife hardware. We choose to single point cut all of our threads for better concentricity.  We don’t cold form our threads.  We also choose to machine in all of our drives instead of using our rotary broach. Even though it takes nearly 4 times longer, we feel this method makes a much nicer product. We have a simple philosophy, “Make the highest quality parts available anywhere!” We focus strictly on quality, Not quantity.  This is why we choose the much more time consuming and performance enhancing methods we use. There are  other knife hardware suppliers out there. But, very few who do their own manufacturing, and nearly none making titanium hardware in a production environment. We use the best quality materials available, Period.  We stand behind every part we make 100%.  We have been in the knife business for over 15 years. We use the hardware we make. So,  if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We can give you the right answer. We know the answers because we made the parts!