1/8″ Caged 440-C Bearings


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1/8″ Caged Bearings details: Stainless steel cages, with 7 hardened .0465″ grade 10-440c balls. The outside diameter of the bearing cage is .261″ and fits easily into a 9/32″ (.2812″) counterbore.   ( Or if you want a more precise fit you can use one of our custom made  .265″  carbide tipped counterbores!! They can be found on our tooling page) The bearing inside diamter is .130″ and made to fit a standard 1/8″ diameter pivot barrel.
20 pack (10sets) $26.00
100 pack (50sets)$99.00

NOTICE: We do not make these bearings. These are made in China. As are all of this style formed caged bearings. There is not a US manufacturer for these. Therefore, we can not guarantee the quality of these bearings. If you want a premium, guaranteed caged bearing, please consider our in house made Delrin caged bearings!!

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in

100, 20