Ti – Straws

This total was provided by straw manufacturers estimates.While this may sound high, many environmental groups believe that these numbers are low, as it does not include straws attached to juice boxes or milk cartons. (bestrawfree.org)
500 Million a day….that is insane!!! Just in the U.S. alone over 500 million plastic one-time use plastic drinking straws end up in the landfills. We can do better for our environment people!

After drinking a glass of water with a plastic straw, that had only been in the water for a short time, I took a sip and was disgusted by the taste of chemicals that had leached into my water. I started digging. This is what I found…

Plastics are derived from petroleum & natural gas.
They contain harmful chemicals like BPA, a known carcinogen & hormone disruptor.
When plastics break down, like those used in straws, they don’t biodegrade; they photo-degrade. This means the materials break down into smaller toxic fragments which contaminate soil, waterways, and animals upon digestion.
The usable life of a plastic straw is a shocking fraction of a second or just a few minutes. It will take over a million years to be out of the environment.
The energy used to produce a single use product is a vicious cycle.
The light bulb finally came on for me. A TITANIUM STRAW! What could possibly be better? Titanium is strong, non-allergenic, won’t leach chemicals into your drink, tasteless & odorless, and will last for decades! I got to work.. measuring, bending, testing. Now I think I nailed it!